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PSMBC in Greenwood (Indy), Indiana

United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit.


HERBERT E. LIVERMAN; VANCE R. RICHARDS, Plaintiffs – Appellants, v. CITY OF PETERSBURG; JOHN I. DIXON, III, both individually and in his capacity as the Chief of Police for the City of Petersburg Bureau of Police, Defendants – Appellees.

No. 15-2207
Decided: December 15, 2016


Police Social Media Policy Ruling

Police Social Media Custom Training & Consulting

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Chris Ryan, president of Ryan & Assoc. Public Relations has created and developed Police Social Media Boot Camp, a specialized 3-day course (24 classroom hours) as necessary training for law enforcement, corrections, fire, public safety and municipal officials responsible for communicating and interacting with the public and news media through social media.

Mr. Ryan personally administers the program. The non-graded 24-hour class is offered at various locations throughout the United States and internationally.

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This training focuses on developing crucial social media relations and communication skills and understanding of the business of news and social media. The stated goal is aiding police, corrections, fire, public safety and municipal personnel empowered with managing and disseminating information through social media messaging and communications.

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Law enforcement, corrections, fire, public safety leaders, supervisors, and spokespersons. City, county, parish, state, federal leaders, spokespersons, public information and public affairs officers. Emergency management, 911, Homeland Security and municipal agency leaders are encouraged to attend for invaluable insight, information, networking and training credit.


Police branding and image management is not something that most law enforcement agencies have given much consideration until now. News and social media coverage of police activities and situations has put a spotlight on law enforcement and impacted the overall perception of policing.

It is important that police, sheriff and other public safety agencies recognize they are a brand and in many ways a business. We are already aware of well-known law enforcement brands like FBI, NYPD, Chicago PD, LAPD, etc. It seems strange, since police and sheriff’s departments are a not for-profit business, but it’s time to think more about your brand and how it is perceived.

Police branding and image management by Chris Ryan

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