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Police Social Media Consulting-PHOENIX – Let’s face it — police departments are front and center in the digital age. iPhone apps, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn, texting, sexting…. frankly, it’s a little mind-numbing. Every action a police officer performs on or off-duty can be recorded, photographed, posted and scrutinized before anyone knows what happened.

The question is, who can help you and your agency navigate the wave of Police Social Media? The answer is,Chris Ryan. Mr. Ryan provides real-world Police Social Media & Police Media Relations training and consulting services to law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s a specialty and rare in the world of public relations consulting.

Chris Ryan consults with law enforcement agencies in developing internal and external communications, social media programs, technology, brand, social media policies, etc. He also prepares agencies for difficult situations and how to mitigate damage to your department’s reputation, without appearing defensive or secretive.

He’ll let you know what to expect, point out weak spots or things you might’ve missed and help you bolster them And most importantly helps you stay calm and in control of the situation.


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