Importance of Social Media Police Marketing Programs

Most businesses and organizations need to engage in some type of marketing and police departments are no different.

A simple Police Social Media program with 2-3 posts or Tweets per week on platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram can help your law enforcement or public safety agency continuously demonstrate the importance and value of services you’re providing to the community. When it comes to police and law enforcement, the terminology may be different, but the need for good marketing and public relations services is the same.

“Police and law enforcement officers need to learn how to tell on each other for good and impactful things they’re doing for the communities that they serve,” says instructor Chris Ryan.

Your “customers” are the people that live, work and visit your community. You’re providing professional services to them that directly impacts their safety and quality of life. This is police-community relations in its purist form.

The payoff for police departments that learn to tell their own story using police social media comes in many forms but most important is in safe and harmonious communities. Here’s why social media police marketing programs can be a valuable asset to your department and community.


It’s important that police and law enforcement agencies use simple marketing and public relations techniques to help get their message out to community members, leaders, officials and the news media.


We conduct training seminars across the US and across the world focused on police and law enforcement issues and challenges. We train Police executives, leaders, public information officers (PIO) and key personnel in police media relations, police social media, police recruiting, police community engagement, police-community relations, crisis communications, branding, etc.


Police departments are already engaged in some marketing and public relations, but we’re able to enhance your efforts and effectiveness.


We are consulting marketing and public relations professionals specializing in law enforcement in order to help get their message out.


All police and sheriff’s departments have a logo and patch, but additional branding and marketing can bring added value to your agency. Branding is something that police and sheriff’s departments are just beginning to consider. All forms of branding and advertising should be directed to residents and focus on their needs. You should also pay special attention to the continuity of your website, social media, printed materials, logos, image, reputation, etc. It is important to control and contain all of the information you want to get out to the public. You can include this branding in all of your social media police marketing programs.


Most businesses do market research to determine more about their customers’ needs and concerns via various outreach programs, including forums and multimedia platforms. Police departments should engage in some of the same type of activities. Participate in and hold community meetings seeking to find out what residents want and listening to their challenges and concerns. Police officers are frequently sent to association meetings and other gatherings in order to find out the type of services residents desire or lack. It’s also a great opportunity to present your department branding ideas to residents to get their thoughts and input. You may obtain some valuable insights into what will work best in your community.


People are interested in quickly accessing information. Your department website and/or police social media platforms you should at a minimum display news releases, mug shots, videos, briefs and updates on issues impacting your residents. You might also consider graphs, slogans, and campaigns in order to support the various initiatives that you’re promoting in your community.

Your agency should consider a police social media presence on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. We provide training and consulting programs that are available from to hone your agency’s efforts. There’s a strong possibility that residents and visitors will follow your agency on these platforms, and you can rapidly disseminate information the public needs to be aware of via social media. Since so many people are already using social media in one way or another, this is a great way to stay in touch and keep the public informed. Social media police marketing programs help highlight and recognize great events and programs in your community and provide opportunities to stay in close contact with residents and visitors.

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