Police Departments should
use Social Media to listen,
reconnect & communicate

Police Social Media

One of the best things about social media is that it can help police and public safety officers create opportunities to listen, reconnect and communicate better with the diverse communities that they serve. Police social media makes it easier to communicate with community members that have and can provide differing perspectives, feedback, and insights.

People can be more informed and up to date when police & law enforcement periodically use Facebook & Instagram Live for incidents & news conferences. Many companies are on social media primarily to provide customer service and solutions to challenges. It makes sense that police departments should consider that as part of their overall social media communications.

Social media police communications should be used to address myths and perceptions that people in the community might have heard or seen on social media. A simple Facebook presence lets police departments issue statements, ask for help with a case, let the public know what is going on and share good news stories that play against negative stereotypes.

When something good happens, police social media can help build morale and community support. Instagram helps police departments visually tell their story and communicate with citizens that are often short on time and attention span. It can put wanted suspect information in the palm of their hand. If a child goes missing, Police Instagram helps put the community on alert.

Word travels fast and visuals travel faster to bring a child home safe. Twitter can create another space to easily get information out to the community about traffic accidents, road closures and barricaded suspects in a few words that gives information they can use now.

It can easily include a photo and be retweeted in seconds. Police departments that use social media can have a better relationship with their communities. The public will get to know them on a deeper level and be more a part of the solution.

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